Arrive safely: Transport solutions from bwh Koffer

With the transport boxes and cases from the bwh Koffer factory, your products, valuable items or cargo is secure and protected when transported from A to B. Regardless of your expectations for a Transport box, bwh Koffer has the right solution for you – Made in Germany.

Verschließen der bwh SkyBox beim Transport

Pure safety: The SkyBox Transport box

If you attach great importance to safety in the sphere of air cargo, then why not make sure of the SkyBox Transport box? Valuable goods, dangerous goods and cargo that needs particular protections, highly priced and delicate goods are perfectly protected from theft and weather conditions with the SkyBox. The SkyBox is available in a pallet measurement of 120x80cm, amongst others. By adjusting the height continuously, the SkyBox can also be adjusted to the height of the respective goods to be transported.

Casysbox mit individueller Innenausstattung von bwh Koffer

Whether it's hot or cold: The CasysBox as a transport box

In contrast, the CasysBox is extremely temperature resistant, manufactured from high-impact HDPE plastic. It gives your products the right protection, even in extreme conditions – and that’s also official. Various certifications confirm: Airworthiness, water and dust-resistance are not a problem for the CasysBox.

VariosafeBox im Einsatz

Flexibly collapsible: The VariosafeBox

Transport goods in a particularly flexible manner with the folding bwh Transport box, the VariosafeBox. Thanks to the ingenious collapsible mechanism, you can fold up the box to a minimum when empty – this saves space and money. In addition, the VariosafeBox can be effortlessly loaded and unloaded by way of removable front and side walls.

bwh Flightcase Stativ

Flightcase - The classic transport box

Naturally, the bwh Koffer factory also produce classic transport boxes with a Flightcase design. A Flightcase transport box from the home of bwh Koffer can be individually adjusted in size to suit your goods and requirements.

A maximum level of quality is guaranteed as a result of the entire production process being carried out at the production sites in Hörstel – Made in Germany.

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