Aluminium Cases: AZK

Aluminium-Zargen-Koffer AZK von bwh Koffer

The extremely light aluminium profile case from the bwh Koffer factory catches the eye with its excellent price-performance ratio. Distinctive markings on the products from the AZK series are the variable aluminium profiles which are available in varied heights and give the case a unique look.

All of the AZK cases provide you with the following advantages:

  • Available in variable sizes with definable breadths, lengths and heights
  • Surface design according to individual specifications
  • Interior design suited to you preferences
  • High-quality lock-hinge system
  • Great wearing comfort thanks to ergonomically moulded handles and/or trolley system
  • Case body made of hard-wearing material with variable aluminium sections and corners
  • Individual surface design with various material such as aluminium sheets, plastic sheets, leather, photo printing, screen printing and many more
Aluminium-Zargen-Koffer AZK als Turm von bwh Koffer
AZK von bwh Koffer mit individuellem Aufdruck
Aluminium profile case with custom print