Certified quality

Nothing is left to chance when planning and producing bwh special cases.

Tested for use in the most extreme conditions

Every detail is chosen according to the highest quality standards and must be suitable for the intended use at best. Numerous certificates ensure this suitability by means of appropriately tough tests, such as some compatibility tests for the CasysBoxes with extreme variations in temperature, moisture or, for example, the particular shock resistance as is required in the US American military standard MIL-STD-810. These and other requirements are standard for the development of bwh products: Because wherever bwh cases are used, we need to be able to rely on them.

Here is a summary of test certificates earned by bwh products:

ATA - test for airworthiness without objections

The CasysBoxes and the SkyBox have been certified as airworthy without objection in accordance with the American ATA flight standards of the “Air Transport Association”.

The ATA standard ensures that virtually all passenger and cargo planes across the world are uniformly certified in accordance with particular formalities. This affords the logistics personnel to work consistently and safely. The ATA certification in accordance with Spec 300 CAT 1, the specific identification, is the standard for all transport containers or cases in the aviation industry and regulates the requirements for design, development and handling for effective cargo logistics.

In order to guarantee that the bwh special cases are also prepared for these standards, the CasysBoxes and SkyBox have been subject to the demands of ATA principles in accordance with strict formalities. Both case systems were deemed airworthy without objections. The extensive tests carried out at the renowned, American test laboratory, Cascade TEK, includes drop tests, vibrations and impact tests in the most extreme conditions.

MIL-STD810G - Suitable for military use

Military uses require specific standards of quality and strength for the products used. The US armed forced have integrated the conditions for use in case of emergency in their own, extremely strict technical standard, the MIL-STD810G.

Even if the CasysBoxes were not originally developed for military use, they still provide all necessary features which are stipulated by the American military standard MIL-STD810G. These tests, with which the environmental test conditions are specified for military equipment, render the products subject to extreme variations in temperature, various air pressures, the influences of intense sun exposure, moisture, contact with chemicals and also extreme vibration and accelerating forces.

IP 54 - protected against dust and splash water

Reliability guaranteed

To ensure that CasysBoxes are still functioning safely and reliably after many years, they have been designed according to the requirements of various protection categories. Protection category IP 54 from the Rhineland Technical Inspection Authority exists to provide sufficient protection against exposure to dust in damaging quantities as well as splash water which could get in from any angle. IP is short for “International Protection” or even “Ingress Protection” – therefore for protection again unwanted ingression of foreign bodies. The test also makes it unnecessary for the boxes to be fully dust-proof. However, the safety and functional efficiency of the materials which are transported in the boxes are not affected.

IP 67 - protected against dust and temporary immersion

Functional reliability in difficult conditions

The protection category IP 67 from the Rhineland Technical Inspection Authority makes particularly high demands on the protection against dust. IP is short for “International Protection” or even “Ingress Protection” – therefore for protection again unwanted ingression of foreign bodies. IP 67 has a clear definition and allows no dust to be able to enter into the package to be tested. Furthermore, when it comes to water-tightness, this IP code goes considerably further than IP 54: When tested, the package – the CasysBox from bwh in this case – is completely emerged under water at a depth of one metre for half an hour. It should only allow so much water in that the safety of the goods to be transported remains guaranteed in the CasysBox. The bwh CasysBox successfully passed these tests.

ISO 9001 - to ensure that quality standards are assured

Everything that the quality and improvement of operating procedures and processes serve is always in the interest of customer satisfaction.

Successful Business Management

Successful management of a company requires all decisions and procedures to be strategically planned and implemented. To ensure that every single process must not always be thought through and decided again, quality management systems (QM systems) provide a clear structure for strategic operating concepts. In doing so, points such as customer focus of managerial responsibility and continued improvement are placed right at the top of the list of the most important principles of the success of promising QM systems. These globally recognised quality management guidelines, which are described in the European standard ISO 9001, give rise to an increased customer focus and the continued improvement of all management processes. Routine certification and audits carried out regularly on the system individually inaugurated in each company ensures its efficiency. bwh Koffer has been certified as one of the first special case manufacturers since 1995 in accordance with EN ISO 9001.