Here you can find catalogs, flyers, product data sheets and test reports for download as PDF documents.

Product data sheets (PDF Download)

ALUpur (PDF, 118 kB)
VDK (PDF, 146 kB)
AZKR (PDF, 204 kB)
Supreme AES (PDF, 211 kB)
Exklusiv AEX (PDF, 187 kB)
AZKE (PDF, 270 kB)
AZK (PDF, 131 kB)
ARB (PDF, 204 kB)
ARK (PDF, 233 kB)
ALUshape (PDF, 497 kB)
ALUvision (PDF, 171 kB)
Robust Case (PDF, 257 kB)
Guardian Case (PDF, 213 kB)
Vacuum formed plastic cases (PDF, 173 kB)
Outdoor Case (PDF, 157 kB)
Power Pack (PDF, 164 kB)
Protector Case (PDF, 205 kB)
Casys Box (PDF, 158 kB)
Variosafe Box (PDF, 125 kB)
Sky Box (PDF, 199 kB)
Flightcase (PDF, 200 kB)
T Box (PDF, 249 kB)

General information (PDF Download)

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