Aluminum frame case ALUshape

bwh Koffer has translated the design language of the classic aluminum frame case into the 21st century. The result is the ALUshape product series. With its modern design in a striking, unique 3D look, the case has a high recognition value. The characteristic look is created by the slightly protruding corners and surrounding profiles, which give the case and fittings additional protection.


The ALUshape case series is based on the reliable aluminium frame cases from bwh Spezialkoffer and impresses with its modern and robust appearance.

All advantages of the ALUshape case:

  • Sturdy plastic corners made of PA and glass fibre
  • Profiles with anodised surface and shadow edge as a subtle highlight
  • Right angles in the interior for maximum use of space
  • Castors and internal pull-out handle
  • New carrying handle can only be folded down in one direction
  • Equipped with our new bwh locks

We can manufacture your ALUshape case in a variety of different sizes, laminations and finishes. Do you need a ALUshape case that is perfectly tailored to your requirements? No problem, just tell us your requirements and we will develop your individual solution together with you.

With the right interior fittings, the ALUshape aluminium case becomes your very own personal dream case

Possible individualisation options are:

  • Equipped with whispering rollers
  • Locks with or without TSA function
  • Individual exterior design with motifs, logos or lettering
  • Foam inserts or thermoformed inserts
  • Device installation

In addition to the custom-made production in desired size and with individual equipment, the ALUshape is also available in our standard line. This includes three different sizes, whereby the two larger variants are each equipped with rollers and pull-out handle.


Product features of the ALUshape

Product features of the ALUshape

Technical data of the ALUshape

Design: Aluminium frame case
Case size: Individual sizes from a quantity of 1 piece (width, length and height)
Material: Aluminium, foils, sheet metal, leather and many more
Design options: Stickers, screen printing, printing
Profiles: Aluminium
Case corners: Protective corners made of plastic
Handles & rollers: Ergonomic handle, optionally with trolley system / whispering rolls
Locks Lockable

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Available standard sizes of the ALUshape