Measurement equipment cases – your perfect bodyguard for your equipment

Measurement technology is increasingly mobile for many reasons. For transport, the often highly sensitive technology requires particularly good protection. We tailor our individual measuring device cases to your equipment and manufacture them. Inside, devices and other materials are well embedded and protected from environmental influences. Even when transporting on difficult surfaces, heavy loads or extensive accessories, we have the right solution for you.

And when your work is done, your equipment is optimally stored in the case and safely awaits its next use. Your individual measuring device case is always a loyal companion at your side.

Special cases for measuring equipment – Growing demand for intelligent solutions

Special cases for measuring technology from bwh are always to the point: no matter what challenge your measuring device presents the case with – together we will find the perfect case solution!

Highly sensitive measurement technology such as scanners, spectrometers, lasers, sensors or other measurement methods detect errors and thus provide the opportunity to counteract them. In mobile use, it is therefore particularly important to protect the technology from damage. Otherwise, measurement results could be falsified. It does not help to stow the devices in the original box for their use again and again. Every failure causes high costs. We at bwh Spezialkoffer develop and manufacture robust, individual cases precisely for this measuring technology, where the protection of the devices is clearly in the foreground. Here, the measuring device does not have to fit into the case, but the case adapts 100 percent to the measuring device.


The bwh measuring device cases are therefore particularly robust, but still light

Optimal packaging of measuring systems saves time and offers the necessary protection of the sensitive technology. Often, the application conditions are very rough. bwh measuring equipment cases are therefore particularly robust, but still light. All parts are clearly displayed in the interior. Of course, importance is also attached to transport comfort: wheels or pull-out handles are just two examples, that facilitate work with bwh special cases developed for measurement technology.

Sophisticated interior facilitates your work

Thanks to integrated foam inlays inside the case, the measuring systems are not only well protected. Sometimes it is the little things which lighten your work: by means of coloured marking in the foam inlay, you can recognize immediately, if parts of your equipment are missing. So nothing will be lost! bwh Koffer manufactures individual foams, tailored to your measurement technique.

Koffer für Messtechnik

Special case for measuring instruments – the right case for every application

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Success stories of our customers

The application possibilities for cases and for our customer projects are numerous. Therefore we would like to present special cases from the application areas of measurement technology:

Are you looking for an protective transport solution for your measuring systems? The experts at bwh Koffer will find the perfect case solution for your measuring technique!

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