Cases as packaging – a very good idea

Selling your products in a case has enormous advantages for you and your prospective customer. The case is a personal bodyguard, advertising ambassador, organiser and much more. Offer your customers real added value. In a case, for example, your product is optimally protected. Dirt and moisture cannot harm the contents. If your device or set is often used on the move, this is an important incentive for your customers to buy. Your product will thus simply last longer.


If the case primarily serves to protect the goods to be transported, then special conditions apply: The transport containers must be flexible, robust and easy to stow away.

Some devices – such as in medical technology – are so cost-intensive that several hospital departments or spatially separate facilities have to share their use. For the transport of such high-value equipment, bwh solutions are being used more and more frequently: For example, the full aluminium case ALUpur and also other models from the standard and special case lines. The bwh “classics” among the transport cases include the particularly stable and large Sky Box, the universal Casys Box, the flexible Variosafe Box and classic Flight Cases. Both the Sky Box and the Casys Box have been tested for their particularly suitability for airworthiness according to ATA Cat. 1 Spec. 300.

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