Individual exterior design of the case

The individual design of your bwh special case is of course also reflected in the special exterior design. Whether printing with high-resolution motifs, logos or lettering, bwh’s in-house print shop offers the appropriate technology for every design wish. The screen printing process also enables the design with coloured design elements, completely tailored to your special request.


Photo Printing

Photo printing – high-resolution on self-adhesive film. Printing on adhesive film is a tough “all-rounder” amongst the printing technicians and particularly hard-wearing.

Individuality is not only created in the production of the case, but above all in the selection of the right exterior design – if desired in the company’s own corporate design. Various printing techniques are available for this purpose. One popular variant is photo printing: company logos, photos, lettering or pictures can be printed quickly and pin sharp on self-adhesive foils. The foil is then laminated onto the case walls. Thanks to the high UV resistance, your colors remain bright and fresh even when subjected to heavy use.

Large and small surfaces with high-resolution quality are manufactured and finished directly in the on-site print shop at bwh Koffer – great freedom for creative design.

Digital Printing

Digital printing makes high-quality imprints directly on the wall and shell of the case possible: The special cases from bwh convince in daily use.

Special cases with digital printing convince users and viewers with visually appealing and particularly brilliant results. Company logos, photos or pictures can be printed directly on the shell of the case with this technique. High-resolution and true to detail and quickly created. No self-adhesive carrier material or similar is necessary. With little effort, the corporate design of the company is immediately transferred to the new cases.

The permanently applied prints provide a resistant surface and, thanks to their elegance, become the company’s advertising ambassadors: whether as sample cases, presentation cases, work cases or as a transport solution for valuable freight. The digital prints are applied quickly and routinely by the bwh specialists of the in-house print shop. There are no limits to the individual design with this printing process.

Screen Printing

Screen printing produces tough, water and weatherproof prints from one or multi-coloured templates in fantastic resolution and with great opacity.

Screen printing is a traditional and well-known technique which even remains highly topical in the future in the marking of manually or industrially manufactured cases. Various materials, surfaces and shapes can be permanently printed using this technique. The different case solutions from the bwh Koffer factory can therefore even be printed with lettering and company logos directly onto the case walls and case shells in the on-site bwh print shop with great opacity and impressive, rich colour. The premise for the use of screen printing is that no colour gradients are included in the logo or the motif to be applied.

By using a particularly fine mesh as the filter, screen printing delivers fantastic results and is thereby convincing thanks to its great flexibility: The prints can be permanently applied to various materials such as plastic, aluminium, wood and even other surfaces. The print colour is spread onto the case located underneath during printing through the openings in the mesh. In doing so, the colour is forced through the mesh.
Prints created using the serigraphy process are particularly tough because they are water and weatherproof as well as resistant to UV rays. Colour preferences, the position of the print or the desired size are irrelevant – a traditional printing technique with a great past and big future.


Embossing produces a multi-dimensional design on the case walls using a just as old but just as fascinating technique: The embossing method catches the eye with its particularly smart solutions in the form of a raised or sunken relief.

Looking for that personal touch? Embossing is particularly impressive as a result of its simple stylishness. It is and remains something special in inscription and gives the case an extremely individual and irrevocable touch. When embossing, lettering or individual characters and symbols are “imprinted” into bwh aluminium cases or deep-drawn shells made of plastic and therefore creates the multi-dimensional, raised or sunken design of the company or brand name directly onto the case surface. A drastic and visible physicality emerges when using this procedure, which is imprinted as a relief into the material of the case.

Blind embossing abstains from the addition of colour; the embossed shape is effective alone thanks to the invasion of light and shade as well as the feel of the surface. The embossed print with the addition of colour is the only printing method which allows printing and embossing to occur at the same time. Here, the embossing technique with colour is only applied to the surface.Regardless of which options you decide to go for – embossing offers a remarkable design opportunity which will certainly enhance the presentation of your high-quality products even further.

Desired Colour

The bwh Koffer factory has a wide selection for the perfect colour shade for the exterior and interior case design. Even fitting details such as reinforced corners or bumper guards, as featured on the Guardian Case or the CasysBox, for example, can be integrated into the colour concept.

More than just the colours of the rainbow Learn about all kinds of things when choosing the right colour: Whether it’s personal preference, psychologically proven colour effects on the human sense or simply and basically a necessity, to want to co-ordinate the colour chosen for the case with the corporate design specifications of your own company. Colours are as diverse as their effects. Whilst a strong blue seems cold and comforting at the same time, the colour red can trigger the feeling of warmth and agitation. Even the colours and therefore a part of the design of the bwh special cases can be selected subject to preference and necessity. A large number of multi-coloured films and materials are available for designing the case. At the same time, even extraordinary solutions are possible, such as a film with a “C1 sheet” finish for example, a hard-wearing aluminium sheet that is laminated onto the actual case body of wood.

There are many well-known RAL colour shades available when selecting the case colour. A larger range of colours is also possible for suitable order quantities. The greatest possible individuality – even in terms of the colour selection for your preferred case.


In the search for a special case for presenting during field work or for the transportation of valuable products, the bwh Koffer factory leaves no stone unturned when it comes to design diversity.

The case becomes an exclusive companion: At the centre of the bwh Koffer factory, there is always the individual customer request: So exclusive special cases, presentation cases, sample and equipment case as well as transport cases and boxes for industry, trade and service providers are appearing day after day. Cases are companions for everyday life and must consequently meet the needs of the users.
The decades of experience and knowledge of the development specialists at bwh Koffer make it possible to also produce an unusual case design.

bwh Koffer offers so much more than just classic cases with “distinction”. Even other shapes, even if they are oval or abnormal, of the equipment to be packaged in the suitable design, are all part of the creative handicraft of the Koffer factory. This pretence certainly not only applies to the design and the shape of the case itself but also to the choice of material: Smooth plastic surfaces can also be manufactured such as exterior case walls in a honeycomb design, for example. The surfaces can even be covered with leather, steel sheets or decorative film.

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The array of design options is also highlighted by the vast colour spectrum which can be used for exterior design. Whether it’s in the company colour subject to corporate design or simply in the favourite colour – here, your possibilities are virtually endless.

The best way to stand out from the competition and ideally increase the value of one’s own products certainly is a completely unique and quirky case design. Whether it’s made-to-measure, one-of-a-kind plastic shell cases or highly exclusive full aluminium case – the attention to detail is cast into every bwh special case.

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