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Working on a construction site is exhausting. Dirt, noise and other environmental factors take a toll on both people and equipment. How annoying is it when important equipment is broken or accessories are lost? With a individual case for the construction industry this will not happen to you. The case optimally protects your equipment from dust and moisture. Depending on the design, there is also room for all your accessories. Thanks to a clear arrangement, you can see at first glance if something is missing. That saves time, money and stress!

Special cases for the construction industry

With around 2 million employees, the construction industry is an important branch of the German economy. It generates almost 6 percent of the total value added in Germany. The sector has strong links with other industries and has close ties to the craft trades. This is also where the entire diversity of the construction industry and the companies involved becomes apparent.
In such a complex structure, it is naturally all the more important to optimise processes and workflows. A simple means with a great effect is an individual special case. Develop a tailor-made equipment case together with the case experts at bwh. Working from the case saves time and facilitates the daily handling of tools and measuring instruments. We would be pleased to advise you in order to design your desired case.

Koffer für die Bauindustrie – robust und durchdacht

Egal, ob Ausrüstung und Werkzeuge sicher transportiert werden müssen, Messgeräte einfach aus dem Koffer zu bedienen sein sollen oder ob Sie Ihre Produkte Ihren Kunden optimal präsentieren wollen – eine individuelle Kofferlösung hilft bei der täglichen Arbeit. Aufgrund unserer 40jährigen Erfahrung im Spezialkofferbau finden wir mit Ihnen gemeinsam Ihre perfekte Kofferlösung! Und das immer zu 100 % Made in Germany – lernen Sie doch gleich unsere zertifizierte bwh-Qualität kennen.

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Special cases for the construction industry – the right case for every application

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The application possibilities for cases are manifold. This also applies to our customer projects, of course.
Therefore we would like to present you special cases from the following application areas of the construction industry:

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