Variosafe Box – So flexible, so convenient

The Variosafe Box is extremely variabel: It’s foldable and stackable at the same time. The removable front- and side walls allow an easy loading from all sides. Furthermore, it can be manufactured in almost all dimensions, even beyond pallet size. On top of that the Variosafe Box can be upgraded to your special needs, just as most of our bwh cases.

Variosafe Box

The foldable Variosafe Box is a space miracle! The transport box with the tried and tested bwh quality stands out from the crowd thanks to its high level of stability and torsional rigidity. Every desired size can be made without additional tool costs – even in excess of the pallet measurements.

Do you regularly transport your goods one-way? Then the Variosafe Box is the perfect option for saving space and, as a result, really saving money. The main attraction: when empty, the Variosafe Box can be easily collapsed and can be stored away, saving space, and transported back.

Due to the removal front and side walls, it’s possible to load from any angle without any problems. A safety lock ensures that your products are perfectly protected from external influences.

Product features of the Variosafe Box

Product features of the Variosafe Box

Technical data of the Variosafe Box

Design: Aluminium frame case
Case size: Individual sizes from a quantity of 1 piece (width, length and height)
Material: Aluminium
Design options: Stickers, screen printing, printing
Profiles: Aluminium
Case corners: Plastics
Locks: Lockable
Special features: Foldable

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