Concentrated expertise from more than three centuries of the company - developments that become standards.

The bwh case factory stands out from the crowd thanks to the individual case solutions for use in all relevant fields. With engineering experience from more than three centuries came numerous developments which became standards on the international case market long ago. Continued investments in the field of research and development allowed for bwh as a market leader to attentively create an innovative industry with ever-increasing new product developments across the world.

Mit einem mobilen Scanner kann die Kofferlösung direkt auf den Computer übertragen werden
With our mobile scanner, we can transfer your case solution directly to a computer

"Great innovative capacity by the development team"

The great innovative capacity of the development team ensures that the constantly changing need for case solutions is quickly and professionally implemented in close collaboration with customer requirements in marketable and success-guaranteed products. The hunger for innovation at the bwh case factory also expresses itself in the variety of registered patents, registered designs and utility models.

3D-Drucker im Einsatz bei der Koffermanufaktur bwh
Our 3D printer in action

Even the fittings at the bwh case factory are innovative and technologically on the most modern level: for example, in-house prototypes of samples, new metal fitting systems or design ideas can be realised with a 3D printer in no time at all.

Industry 4.0 - Digitalisation for case solutions

Koffer-Schaumstoff-Konfigurator - Benutzeroberfläche des Online-Tools
Create your own custom foam case insert

In early 2016 bwh Koffer continues its way into the future.

In cooperation with our subsidiary company, B+W Koffermarkt GmbH & Co. KG, we developed the foam-configurator.

This easy-to-use online tool solves the problem with custom foam inserts in small numbers.

The customer can create the foam according to his needs, which is then manufactured and delivered by bwh.