#bwhversuscorona – Part 4

Many people are currently working in their home office and at the same time have to take care of their children. Claudia Kheite, who works in our marketing department, feels the same way. We talked to her in an interview about how she manages the balancing act between home office and home schooling.

In this part we have an interview with Claudia Kheite. How does she experience this situation and how does she cope with the new and unfamiliar situation?

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The written interview with Claudia Kheite

Since the video interview is only available in German, we took the trouble to translate the interview into written form. You can find the complete video under the written version of the interview.

My name is Claudia Kheite. I work at bwh Spezialkoffer in the marketing department. I work part-time so I can take care of my two children, 3 and 9 years old, in the afternoons.How has your life changed because of Corona?Corona has changed a lot for me all at once. Especially the closing of school and kindergarten has hit me hard. Normally I drive to work every day and spend my entire working time in the office. So I had to think relatively quickly about how I could combine childcare and work.
Fortunately, my employer offered me very quickly that I could go to the home office, for which I am very grateful. That of course made my problems easier.

Home office and childcare – how does that work?

In the meantime, we have established a daily rhythm that everyone can actually live with quite well. While I work, my older daughter does her homework and my little daughter often gets bored. Of course, this creates distraction and sometimes collides with telephone or video conferences.
But so far, fortunately, my conversation partners have all been very understanding. It’s not ideal, but we can all live with it. Soon, kindergartens and schools are supposed to start up again. I’m looking forward to when a bit of normality can return to us.

What are your experiences with home schooling?

I’m ambivalent. I am glad that I now realize where my daughter has problems and where I can support her even further. But I must also say that often it crunches between us. It is something else entirely, whether an independent third party explains something – the teacher, that is – or your own mother. But I must say that my daughter has mastered this very well so far and I am proud of her.

What positive things are you taking away from the crisis?

I can actually take something positive for me from the Corona crisis, namely that we no longer have any time pressure. I’ve realized how much family appointments restricted us. Now our lives have become calmer. After work is done we can we can decide spontaneously what we want to do together.
My younger daughter has now become dry and she has now also learned to ride a bike, which has made her super proud and where I am of course also very proud of her. I don’t think we would have been able to approach this so relaxed without Corona. I hope that I can keep these little positive things after Corona, so that I can have a more relaxed life than before.See the full video here (only in German):


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