Great mobility benefit: Equipment case offers decisive advantages for doctors and therapists

In our best practice example from medical technology, we show you an equipment case for shock wave therapy that is used in a mobile way:

With the therapy device, doctors and therapists can now carry out mobile therapies independently of a stationary connection to practice rooms. In order to make the application possibilities of this therapy method as flexible as possible, our customer developed a transportable device with the same technical equipment in addition to a stationary treatment unit. This also means higher economic efficiency for doctors and therapists. The method is a holistic natural healing procedure that regulates the body’s own causal disharmonies through electromagnetic oscillations and is also used in veterinary medicine in addition to human medical applications. Especially in the case of horses, this avoids the time-consuming transport of the animals to a practice.

Safe transport solution for highly sensitive therapy device

The device contains highly sensitive and valuable technology. This requires a safe transport solution. For the construction of a suitable equipment case, we developed a set of two cases that are stackable and thus very compact to transport. The first, larger case contains the therapy device and the second case stores the accessories including cable and power supply unit. Both cases can be easily and comfortably moved to the place of use in stacked form with the help of a matching trolley.

Koffer-Set für Medizintechnik

Lots of developer ideas inside

Koffer-Set für Medizintechnik - bereit für die Anwendung

The fact that such a transport case set is not available for free sale was quickly clear to the people in charge of our customer: “We wanted an individual solution, suitable for our product. And standard cases would never have met our requirements,” says our customer’s buyer, summarising the demands on bwh’s development work. “Our specifications were implemented brilliantly. The workmanship and quality of the individual cases are well solved. We relied on the creativity of the bwh specialists, after all we have been working together for years.”

The details make the equipment case so unique

Many details only become apparent as especially useful when looking closely or during operation. For example, the lock on the removable lid of the therapy unit can be used as a set-up aid. The sliding door on the side provides access to the unit’s connections. The transparent lid allows the functions of the unit to be kept in view at all times. All functions are coordinated with each other and thus allow the user the highest level of operating comfort during therapeutic treatment on site.

This is how the initial idea became a case for medical technology that has been tried and tested in practice in the meantime. 

Koffer mit eingebautem Gerät für die Medizintechnik


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Curious now?

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