Metal fittings - cases with distinction

A vast selection of fittings, such as locks, hinges and handles always make bwh case solutions truly unique. The range is constantly expanding.

Butterfly Schloss an bwh CasysBox

Locks, hinges, handles: Hardly any manufacturer has such an extensive selection

Constructing individual cases requires great flexibility and creative development activities. In addition to exclusive aluminium cases in numerous variations, bwh manufactures plastic shell case for in and outdoor uses, robust transport solutions and stylish briefcases. What is clear in all of them is the love for detail that makes a bwh case one of a kind beyond comparison.

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Locks, hinges, handles and other construction elements, which are available in a wide selection in the bwh case factory, play a significant role in this personal touch. Hardly any manufacturer has such an extensive selection. The bwh Koffer experts will advise you during the planning of your individual special case when selecting suitable metal fittings.

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