The individual design of your bwh special case is certainly also reflected in the special exterior design. Whether it’s printing with high-resolutions patterns, logos or lettering, the bwh Koffer factory has the right technology for any design request in the on-site print shop. The screen printing procedure also allows for a design to be customised with coloured design elements, according entirely to your specific request.

Spezialkoffer mit Fotodruck von bwh

The array of design options is also highlighted by the vast colour spectrum which can be used for exterior design. Whether it’s in the company colour subject to corporate design or simply in the favourite colour – here, your possibilities are virtually endless.

Alukoffer mit Siebdruck von bwh

The best way to stand out from the competition and ideally increase the value of one’s own products certainly is a completely unique and quirky case design. Whether it’s made-to-measure, one-of-a-kind plastic shell cases or highly exclusive full aluminium case – the attention to detail is cast into every bwh special case.

Individual request

Fotodruck vom Gebäude Kofferhersteller bwh