Foam inserts - It's all down to the arrangement

Foam inserts ensure the safe protection for the valuable contents of your special case for every need and in many different qualities.

Spezialkoffer mit Schaumstoffeinlage von bwh

Made-to-measure foam inserts for a reliable hold

The mysteries of a case only reveal themselves fully if the opened cover allows a view into the interior. Order or chaos is then the question. So that order prevails from the very beginning and everything is secure and protection in the right place, bwh Koffer offer its customers a wide selection of different foam inserts and inlays for the interior. Dependent on the need and preference, different qualities of foam are available, antistatic as well as electricity conducting foam inlays are also optional.

bwh Koffer Style mit individueller Schaumstoffeinlage

Using the specifically adapted foam inserts, products, personal documentation or expensive instruments are safely and perfectly placed. There are two procedures to use for an individually fitted foam inlay which is preferred by the majority of bwh customers and thus forms part of the core business at the case factory. The foam inserts are manufactured in the on-site foam processing department either with a particularly precise water jet cutter or with help of a high-performance moulding cutter: In the case of the water jet cutter, even sharp brackets and unusual measurements can be cut without any difficulty thanks to the full foam plane. Should the incisions only reach a certain depth; they will be cut using the moulding cutter.

Spezialkoffer von bwh mit Schaumstoff

Additionally, foam sheets made from pre-cut cubed foam are part of the range at the bwh Koffer factory. The foam is cut in such a way that you can detach single cubes and thus adapt it to suit the contents. The case lid features egg profile for the necessary pressure and prevents any shifting of the contents.

Individual request

Design your own custom foam case insert

You are interested in creating your own customised foam for your case solution?

In cooperation with our subsidiary company, B+W Koffermarkt GmbH & Co. KG, you can now design your own foam in three easy steps.
Go to our configurator, choose a free foam or a matching foam for a bwh case and start designing it.

To the bwh-Koffer-foam-configurator.

(Please note that the configurator is currently only available in German.
We recommend to use the tool on a tablet or on a computer)

Koffer-Schaumstoff-Konfigurator - Benutzeroberfläche des Online-Tools
Create your own foam with our online configurator