Special fittings - in practical conversation with customers

Together with their customers, the bwh professionals develop innovative fitting options and set new standards for the entire industry. Practice-oriented features are constantly appearing as a result of the proximity to the market and co-operative contact with the customers, making bwh cases even easier and more advantageous to use.

Robust Case von bwh Koffer mit individueller Schubladen-Inneneinrichtung

New ideas through co-operative contact

Perfect protection and the simultaneous appreciation of the contents: The wide variety of fittings at the bwh case factory in Hörstel in Westphalia guarantees this. Although a multitude of fittings requests have been fulfilled over 30 years in developing and constructing special cases, modified usage habits and new technological possibilities always signify the expansion of the fittings agenda.

Gerätekoffer von bwh Koffer

With the help of the many possibilities that the bwh case factory has as a result, for example, of the experienced development department or the on-site model construction workshop, many new items can be prepared and realised. Together with the customers and their individual ideas, new accessories and equipment products are always emerging. And that with the same precision and care as always: Whether it’s for the design-oriented presentation case or the security-related transport box. Ideal solutions thus emerge for future demands of perfect cases.

iPad-Etui von bwh Koffer