Why should I use a case as packaging?

Do you know this too?
  • You sell your high-quality and sensitive measuring device in a box
  • You store and transport your medical equipment in plastic packaging
  • You ship your calibration equipment in a wooden box

Then we explain in our blog post why it is worthwhile to better use a case as packaging instead. Even if this type of packaging seems more expensive at first glance, it offers you and your customers great added value. 

What are the reasons for a special case as product packaging?

#1 Protection

In a case your product is optimally protected. Dirt, moisture and other environmental influences can not harm the content. If your device or set is often used mobile, this is an important purchase argument for your customers. After all, they want to use the product for as long as possible. A simple cardboard box is not enough here. It will be broken after just a few times. With a case, you effectively reduce your complaint rate. Everything is and remains optimally secured. 

By the way, your customer can conveniently store the product in the case. Space-saving stowed and protected from dust it waits for the next use.

#2 Design

The first impression counts! The high-quality and expensive device is delivered in a plastic package or an unstable cardboard box? What impression do your customers get at this moment? Your customer probably expected something else – because the packaging does not match the product. With the high-quality look of a case that fits perfectly with the product, you create trust.

In addition, use your packaging as your personal advertising medium. Upgrade your special case with an individual imprint, your company logo or a design according to your CI.

#3 Transport

A case can withstand a lot. It is a heavy transporter, load carrier and obstacle overcomer in one. And again and again, because a case is extremely durable. Especially for mobile use, your customers will choose exactly this solution. The advantage of a case is obvious to them. Thanks to a comfortable carrying handle or a trolley handle and wheels, the case is easy to transport. Ideal for countless miles on roads, difficult terrain or air travel. A cardboard box or other packaging can not keep up here.

Transportbox T Box

#4 Ease of use

Transport case for skull clamps

Provide your customers with real added value. Everything he needs to work with your measuring device, medical instrument or sensitive sensors is in the case. Whether it’s a device with matching accessories or a set of many individual parts – our cases are made for the job. We adjust the contents and size according to your needs. Clearly arranged, everything is quickly at hand. Even at first glance you can see if something is missing. So the case will be a faithful companion for you or your customer for years. 

#5 Sustainability

Long-lasting and resource-saving! If you pack your products in a case, the amount of comparable alternative packaging material is reduced. Because a case lasts and lasts – while a cardboard box or plastic packaging often breaks after a short time and has to be disposed of. Through the conscious use of materials and economically sensible production processes, our cases help to minimize negative consequences for the environment. This saves energy and conserves natural resources.


A case as packaging offers you significant advantages: It is a protective armor, advertising medium, organizer and much more. Offer your customers real added value. This will also be reflected in your sales figures. By the way, an individual special case is cheaper than you think!


We are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation, to also make your (case) wishes come true!

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