In-house energy generation thanks to photovoltaic system

Thanks to our own photovoltaic system, we now produce a part of our daily electricity consumption ourselves. The system converts the sun’s energy directly into electricity. As a result, we save resources, costs and finally also CO2.

The system with 262 photovoltaic modules generates approx. 84,000 kWh of solar electricity per year. For comparison: This could supply 16 single-family homes with electricity (4-person household with an average consumption of 5000 kWh electricity/year). Accordingly, the photovoltaic system saves up to 24,000 kg of carbon dioxide annually – as much as a forest of three hectares would have to compensate in a year. 

The company GIGAENERGIE AG from Neuenkirchen/ Germany supported us with the planning and installed the photovoltaic modules as well as the complete cabling on our warehouse. Here are a few impressions:

Preparations for the installation of our photovoltaic system
Installation of our photovoltaic system
Finished photovoltaic system

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