Control 2022: Our trade fair highlights

We are looking forward to the upcoming Control trade fair and are proud of our trade fair highlights. We have been manufacturing custom cases for measurement and control technology for almost 40 years. Discover numerous custom-made cases from renowned customers at our trade fair booth. Whether transport cases for lasers, spectrometers or scanners, measuring devices built directly into the case, pendulum packaging for transfer during maintenance, presentation cases for sensors or a live demonstration from the case – we have already realised numerous projects and would like to show them to you. Each case is unique and a real highlight.

You will find over 30 different exhibits with us. Convince yourself how precisely we can tailor cases to your product and visit us at Control 2022.

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Where: Hall 4 / Stand 4503
When: 03-06 May 2022
Trade fair Stuttgart/Germany

We look forward to seeing you!

Looking forward for more? Here are the first Control highlights:

#1 Transport case that attracts attention

Problem of the customer: How can I combine the pleasant with the useful? Our customer asked himself the same question. After all, the expensive measurement technology should be transported optimally and well protected. But the case doesn’t have to look boring because of that. 

Solution from bwh Koffer: The client’s company colour is reflected several times in the case design. It is therefore easily recognisable from afar and has a clear recognition effect. The size of the custom case is precisely matched to the measuring technology inside and accommodates both the measuring device and the accessories. Everything is optimally packed and well protected in the specially cut foam.

Transport case for measurement and control technology

#2 Presentation case and protective armour at the same time

Problem of the customer: To make a convincing impression at a product presentation, everything has to be right: Content, benefits, design and of course the personal appearance. This is nothing new and there are many ways to transport the products. But the crucial thing is: how do I get my sensitive and expensive measuring equipment safely from one place to the next? Damage shortly before the customer presentation would be a disaster.

Solution from bwh Koffer: The measurement technology is well protected in a case. The sturdy case cover absorbs shocks and inside, the technology is well protected in the individually cut foam. Thanks to the optimal size, there is enough space for all products. In addition, the outer cover offers an ideal design basis. With digital or screen printing, each presentation case quickly becomes unique.

#3 Demo case with its own WLAN

Problem of the customer: What is remembered longer – a 30-minute monologue or 5 minutes of testing yourself? Especially with complicated technology, the sales representative could talk endlessly if he only had brochures and the naked technology to show. But that was not enough for our customer. He wanted a WOW effect! But how can flow sensors be presented if the complete technology is missing?

Solution from bwh Koffer: The case contains a complete experimental set-up that enables a direct live presentation. A WLAN router and a complete power supply bring the interior to life. The technology disappears under covers, only the cold appliance plug on the outside of the case remains visible. When the demo case is started, a WLAN network is automatically created into which the interested party can dial in. The integrated fan provides different flow currents during the presentation. The changes are thus displayed on the digital end devices.

Koffer mit Elektroanschluss
Demo-Koffer für Sensoren

Don’t miss our trade fair highlights!

We look forward to seeing you. See you hopefully soon at Control 2022.