Fawn rescue thanks to custom case

Some cases have to be able to do more than “just” transport! In our best practice example, we take you on a fawn rescue mission thanks to a custom case:

When the grassland and field grass harvest is due in the first sunny months of the year, there is also a growing risk that fawns will be overlooked and killed when the fields are mowed. Our customer did not want to put up with this any longer. Under the name “Bambikit”, he developed drones specially modified for fawn rescue.

But how should these be transported, after all, the technology is expensive and the accessories extensive? In addition, you never know how long the mission will last. How does the customer then recharge the battery? Thanks to our customized case, the fawn rescue mission was able to get underway.

Everything well stowed in the bwh transport case

We developed a case that not only has space for all the items you need. There is even a charging function for the batteries inside. That way, the drone always remains ready for use. But charging the batteries generates heat. Thanks to an electronic cooling system and smoke and temperature monitoring, they are cooled at the same time and are thus allowed to remain in the case. This means that everything is always together and nothing has to be removed.

Even in the case lid there is the option of installing a quick-change monitor holder. This makes the Bambikit even more functional. All components are safely stowed away and optimally protected by our foam inserts. Despite the many features and maximum functionality, the case is overall light and handy.

“With no other company have we been able to customize the cases for the drone systems as much as with bwh Koffer,” our customer is pleased to say. We were also pleased to help implement the ideas. After all, we showed all our development competence in this project. The Bambi rescue thanks to special cases has now succeeded.

Bambi-Rettung dank Spezialkoffer
Bambi-Rettung dank Spezialkoffer

Curious now? 

Do you also need help with the transport of sensitive technology? Please contact us. Together we will develop a concept for a customized case and implement it for you.