The “icing on the cake” in the competition

When painters or other skilled craftsmen are looking for a time-saving tool to capture room dimensions, they like to use our customer’s 3D room scanner. It helps to quickly and accurately take stock and plan further work steps.

For the developers of the scanner, the question of a suitable solution for transporting and protecting the high-quality device arose immediately when the product was launched. After all, the scanner with its technology is used daily by craftsmen on various construction sites. In the search for a robust solution, they came across numerous examples from our custom case manufacture. Because the advantages of an individual transport case for the 3D scanner outweigh the disadvantages here.

An individual case with recognition value

To ensure that the high-quality 3D measuring tool can be safely stored, transported and used at the place of use, we developed a transport case which, in addition to the desired safety, also guarantees a unique selling point among the competition and thus clearly scores points.

“Our buyers and also we are very satisfied with the case. In addition to the safety it brings, the case is visually very appealing and promotes our products through the embossed Logo” says our customer. “Our high-quality and intuitively operable measuring devices, together with the matching case and our logo on it, result in the perfect “all-round package” for our customers. The competition can’t offer that, and it puts us in a good position to acquire new customers.”

Transportkoffer für 3D-Scanner offen

Small, light, compact and safe

Transportkoffer für 3D-Scanner geschlossen

The case is optimally tailored to the measuring instrument. Small, light, compact and an additional pocket, which is attached directly to the case, has space for the supplied tripod.

Should subsequent optimization requests arise during daily use, for example with regard to the interior design of the case, we at bwh are able to respond quickly and easily to change requests before production. In this way, the case grows with its tasks even during use.

Curious now?

Would you also like to use your case as a signboard for your company? Then you are right with us. We manufacture the case in your company colors, with imprint or embossing. No matter which design optionen you choose – the case can be clearly assigned to your company. Please contact us for a non-binding consultation.