Celebrating our case highlights from 2021

A drum roll for our products! Our customers always want something unique – namely a case that you can’t buy like this! We therefore present the case highlights from 2021. Which one is your favourite?

#1 Unusual shape with transparency

How do I ensure a first-class presentation of my products? By making the shape of the case unusual. We made a custom tool for our client to produce the plastic case. The silhouette is unique and exclusively reserved for our customer. The product fits perfectly inside and is therefore easy to transport. The slightly transparent case lid gives a hint of the contents and arouses curiosity. Even before the first word from the sales representative, the prospective customer receives a pointed impression.

#2 Heavy things made lightweight

Taking a large, sensitive monitor with you. Plus the matching stand and various small parts. That’s impossible. On top of that, everything together is quite heavy. But our customer has now succeeded. Each part finds its place in the specially cut foam in the two cases. Simply open the lid of the case and everything is clearly arranged and within easy reach. The monitor with the equipment is in the large case, the stand with another piece of equipment in the other. Anything forgotten? No, because it immediately catches the eye. For transport, the employee simply stacks the cases on top of each other and is ready to go. 

#3 Complete experimental set-up in a case

“”Try it out” are now the first words of our customer when presenting his new flow sensors. His technology is complicated and he doesn’t want to bore the interested parties with monologues. Instead, he invites them to try it out – with the experimental set-up in the case. It contains a complete water circuit. With a syringe, the prospective customer changes the water pressure and later reads it electronically. You can’t get more customer-oriented than that!

In addition, the case reliably protects the technology and all materials. Ready for endless kilometres on the road.

Curious now?

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