Custom case highlights 2022

And the winner is…. A year full of interesting projects has now come to an end. It’s time to look back on what we have achieved. We would therefore not like to deprive you of three custom case highlights – because all of them are unique! 

#1 Own buyers become brand representative

Why not use your own case as a free advertising medium? That’s what our customer thought, killing two birds with one stone – namely the protected transport of his technology and at the same time automatically turning each of his buyers into an brand representative for himself. After all, this is how they carry his company name around the world. But isn’t the effort much too high for that?

We convinced our customer of the opposite. He needed a custom shell case for his technology anyway. The fact that his logo is now also printed on the lid of the case by using the screen printing process does not make much of a difference in terms of cost. But it still has a great effect for his company.

Der eigene Koffer als Werbeträger

#2 Fawn rescue thanks to custom case system

Bambi-Rettung mit Koffersystem

Fawns are killed accidentally during haymaking time and time again. Our customer wanted to prevent this and therefore sells special drones and thermal imaging cameras. But how to transport the sensitive technology with all the accessories? A robust transport solution was needed.

Together with our customer, we therefore designed a case that not only contains all the necessary items but can also charge the drone’s batteries directly in the case. This way, it always remains ready for use, no matter how long the mission lasts. There is also a monitor mount in the lid of the case and thus acts as a portable display. The device for an electronic cooling system as well as smoke and temperature monitoring offer maximum safety and ensure that neither the batteries nor the drone overheat after use in the case.

#3 Corporate design down to the last detail

How do I turn a simple transport case into something unusual? This is exactly what our customer asked himself. After all, every opportunity should be used to catch the eye. It was already clear that an individual case would have to be produced for the expensive measurement technology – but couldn’t there be more?

With small but fine details we were able to provide our customers with a solution. We picked up the red color of the logo. In addition to a nice print on the case, it is exactly this color tone in the handle and the case corners again. This is something you don’t see very often. Curious views are therefore sure to the case. With our large selection of individual exterior design, we have enormous possibilities here.  

Corporate Design bis ins letzte Detail

Curious about it?

Create your own case highlight. Just tell us your wishes and lean back. We will do the rest!