The 5 most impressive case projects from the dental industry 

Dentures or dental braces are produced with skill and precision in dental laboratories or dental practices. Our cases are also of crucial importance in this process. Because both manufacturers and users of dentistry are dependent on perfect equipment.

Take a look at interesting best practice examples from the dental market here:

# 1 Shuttle packaging

Problem of the customer: Dentists depend on the perfect condition of prophylaxis equipment. If one is defective or needs to be calibrated, the dental practice cannot do without it for long. Regardless of whether the equipment is on loan or being repaired, the manufacturer must ensure that it is transported safely. But how is it ensured that the devices are sent and returned quickly and without complications? This task was posed to us by a supplier of dental prophylaxis equipment.

Solution of bwh: A transport box made of resistant materials was tailored to the dimensions of the product. Embedded in a foam material, the device is safely protected and can withstand a lot during transport. The dental practice employee simply places it in the recess provided, closes the box and the whole thing is ready for transportation. The transport box is also compact, easy to handle and reusable. A safe and sustainable solution has thus been found.

# 2  Dentures & Implantology

Problem of the customer: The first impression counts! Especially in direct contact with the patient, a serious appearance creates trust. So how can colour and shape samples for dental implants be professionally presented? The manufacturer of dental prostheses came to us with this request. 

Solution of bwh: The elegant briefcase stores a total of 35 models with sample teeth that are matched with the patient. Each of these so-called tooth shape cards finds its place in the individual foam inside. The individual product groups of the manufacturer are printed on the foam so that the staff member can orientate itself better.

# 3 Consumables

Problem of the customer: Like any other business, dental laboratories have to work economically. Here, too, time is money. So how can the work there be simplified? Our customer, a manufacturer of ceramic veneers, thought about this. After all, the labs should be able to access the complete range quickly and clearly. 

Solution of bwh: The materials are delivered well protected in a case. The employee simply opens the lid of the case and has an overview of the entire product range. All consumables and aids are clearly arranged in the foam. In addition, everything is directly at hand. If something is used up or missing, it is immediately visible. Reordering is therefore possible directly. 

#4 Training

Problem of the customer: It is very important to train the staff of laboratories or dentists. Because this is the only way to learn the correct handling of dental materials. But how is this training carried out under the most realistic conditions possible? Many small parts have to be taken along. It is easy to lose the overview. A manufacturer of dental prostheses was looking for a way to support its employees and at the same time give them a competent appearance. 

Solution of bwh: The correct handling of implants is practised using small dentures, for example. These so-called demo kits are stored in small handy cases by us. All the materials needed for the training can be stored inside. In addition, they are optimally protected by the foam. This way, the equipment survives countless journeys and the trainer can be sure that his materials are always in perfect condition.

# 5 Presentation

Problem of the customer: There are many manufacturers of dentistry products. Competition from abroad is also growing. So how can you differentiate yourself? This was exactly the problem faced by a manufacturer of dental drill bits. 

Solution of bwh: With a professional product presentation, you leave a lasting impression. Even at the first glance of the case, you will notice the high-quality print that exactly matches the company and product. The materials used and the elegant design of the case also underline the quality of the products and show them off to their best advantage. 

In addition, other cases were created in a similar design. A clear recognition effect is immediately visible. 

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