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#bwhversuscorona – Part 1: Sewing and donating masks

Written on 04-29-2020
bwh koffer sewing masks


bwh koffer cut masks to size

#bwhversuscorona - What's behind all this?

The current situation in times of Corona brings many changes for companies as well as in private everyday life. In our multi-part series under the motto #bwhversuscorona we present the consequences for us as a company, our working methods and above all our employees.

bwh koffer masks finish

We show how bwh Koffer deals with this exceptional situation and how we effectively protect our employees while maintaining as normal an operation as possible.

In the course of this series, we regularly publish articles with different insights and focal points. You will find the latest article directly on our homepage.

bwh koffer sews and donates masks

Times like these sometimes require creative measures. Therefore we have decided to produce masks for mouth and nose in our own sewing room. For this purpose we have hired an employee who sews masks full-time. The fabric masks are washable and therefore reusable.

bwh koffer masks packing

At first the masks were distributed free of charge and in multiple copies to our employees and their families. We are now even going one step further: Together with the city of Hörstel, we will regularly donate all masks sewn in the future to schools, retirement homes, etc.

In the following video we show how the sewing of the masks looks like in practi.

First donation handover to the city of Hörstel

bwh koffer donation handover to mayor

The first masks sewn by us have already been handed over to the city of Hörstel! David Ostholthoff, the mayor of Hörstel, and our management met for this purpose – naturally in compliance with the rules of distance.

But of course we will continue to sew: all our masks will continue to be donated and distributed throughout the city of Hörstel.

The bwh sewing shop - our all-purpose weapon in use against Corona

At bwh Koffer, our sewing department currently plays an important role in the fight against the corona virus. But also in regular operations it is an important component in the production of individual case solutions. Lid pockets or cardboard, partitions and general inner pockets for different case solutions are manufactured and sewn here.

The variety of equipment options at bwh Koffer are sometimes only possible through our in-house sewing department. Therefore, it is of course no wonder that it is now an important support in the fight against the corona virus.

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