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#bwhversuscorona – Part 2: Interview with Sven-Thorsten Buchweitz

Written on 05-18-2020


#bwhversuscorona - Part 2

For weeks now, the corona crisis has had a decisive influence on our lives. What does this exceptional situation mean for the company bwh Koffer? We talked about it in an interview with Sven-Thorsten Buchweitz, Managing Director Sales and Marketing.

"I find it remarkable that people start to listen to each other."

In this part we have an interview with our managing director Mr. Buchweitz. How does he experience this situation and what plans does he have for the future?

The written interview with Sven-Thorsten Buchweitz

Since the video interview is only available in German, we took the trouble to translate the interview into written form. You can find the complete video under the written version of the interview.

How has Corona changed your life?

For all of us life has changed significantly. Even after two months there is still a lot of uncertainty and people who think they have clairvoyant abilities. I personally miss my family and my circle of friends very much. Yesterday I went to the hairdresser again for a long time. It was very bizarre – with partitions, disinfection and mouth protection.
And of course there were also changes in my career: my colleagues are just as insecure. Our task was to find a solution very quickly at the beginning of the pandemic and to take action. A concept had to be developed and implemented. I think we succeeded quite well.

What measures were taken in the company?

We sat down with a team of responsible persons from all areas and considered the matter intensively. Everyone played their part. Production immediately started to work in contactless alternating shifts. We disinfect everything necessary before and after each shift. Between the workplaces we have set up partition walls.

Especially in sales we developed the concept “HOT – Home Office Total”. The colleagues were separated so that they no longer meet. They now work either in the office or from home. Thanks to our CRM system we were able to implement this in an uncomplicated way. For the colleagues it was of course a change. Especially in sales, personal contact is very important. But I am quite satisfied and optimistic. The sales department will master this.

How do you estimate the future development?

Our most important task now is to stay as close as possible to our customers. We all have the same problems right now. Now it is important to talk to each other. I have therefore come to appreciate video conferencing. We all use it very gladly and intensively. It is precisely because of our specialization in industries with special needs that we are well positioned and will master this crisis.

What positive things do you take away from the Corona period?

In fact, despite the many negative things, there are also positive aspects. I find it remarkable that people start listening to each other again. That they show consideration, that they think about how to deal with each other, that there are also people who need protection. We have recognized this and for this we are ready to accept grievances as a community.

It is especially important in video conferences. Here one is forced to let the other person finish. I also noticed that everyone shows more consideration for each other. Everybody thinks about how to deal with each other and how to best protect people at risk. I think that’s nice.

You can see the full video here (only in German):

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