Preview to MEDICA trade fair 2022

Visit us at our exhibition stand. We would be pleased to present our best exhibits to you. As every year, we will again be exhibiting many custom-made cases. Whether you are looking for a mini-incubator, a case with built-in equipment, a presentation or demo case, we have something for everyone. You can see a small preview of our trade fair exhibits for MEDICA 2022 in this blog post.

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Where: Hall 3 / Stand C80 (at the joint stand of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia)
When: November 14-17, 2022
Trade fair Düsseldorf/Germany

Curious now? Here is a selection of our exhibits:

#1 Shipping ventilators safely

Problem of the customer: How do I guarantee my purchasers a flawless ventilator upon delivery? A lot can happen during shipping. Cardboard boxes are too insecure and boxes made of aluminium are quickly battered. In the end, a lot of waste is produced. Our customer, the manufacturer of these devices, wanted to avoid all this and came to us.  

Solution of bwh Koffer: Our customer was immediately convinced of the robust Casys Box. It is perfect as shipping packaging for the ventilators. The box is large, spacious and yet easy to handle. The device including accessories fits perfectly inside thanks to individually cut foam and is held securely during transport. Even strong vibrations cannot harm the interior. Thus, the buyer receives a flawless device and sends the empty box back to our customer. The box is stored until the next time it is used. 

Medica 2022: Transportbox für Beatmungsgerät
Medica 2022: Beatmungsgerät sicher verpackt

#2 Live demo out of the custom case

Der Demo-Koffer ist l eicht zu transportieren
Einfach Deckel abnehmen, Stecker rein und schon kann es losgehen

Problem of the customer: How do I create real customer experiences when my product is not functional without installation? This was the problem our client faced. Their latest product is a mixer tap that mixes water, soap and air. It is seen as a novelty in the industry and should appeal to the senses of potential customers during on-site demonstrations: see it, touch it and experience it in action. But the mixer tap cannot be used without fixed installation. And now?

Solution of bwh Koffer: We used the aluminium frame case type AES as a basis. Based on the product dimensions, we manufactured the case. Inside, the mixer tap with a separate water tank is mounted on a plate. The sales representatives simply remove the lid from the case, plug the connector into the socket and the presentation can start. Everything is customised, clearly arranged and easy to operate. The necessary technology is invisibly installed in the case and even for accessories such as towels and soap, suitable external pockets have been developed.

#3 Easy transport of operation theatre equipment

Problem of the customer: Taking along such a large device including accessories? It’s not so easy. Especially when all of this is bulky and heavy, but the device itself is extremely sensitive. It is used for neuromonitoring in the field of spinal and neurosurgery. The set is to be brought to the respective clinics by the field staff or international dealers for demonstrations or operations.

Solution of bwh Koffer: Together with the client, we decided on two stacked cases. These take up more on a smaller ground area, as the space is better utilised. In comparison, a single case would be much larger and therefore more difficult to transport. Inside, each item has its own space thanks to the individually cut foam. For transport, the employee simply stacks the two cases on top of each other and is are ready to go.

Gestapelter Koffer zum einfachen Transport
Geschickte Aufteilung für effiziente Ausnutzung des Innenraums

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