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Many high-quality industrial products require dimensionally accurate transport cases or boxes to arrive at the destination securely and protected. Whether it’s by land, by sea or by air – the logistics experts at bwh Koffer develop the ideal transport solution in collaboration with you to move your products safely from A to B.

Casysbox für Transport & Logistik von bwh Koffer
The CasysBox, made from HDPE

Are you on the hunt for a highly resistant transport box with a low fixed weight and lots of optional layout details? Then the bwh CasysBox is the perfect choice. The CasysBox, made from HDPE, is shock and impact proof, as well as resistant to the sun, moisture and chemicals. Water-tightness and dust-proofness are also nothing to worry about.

Variosafebox von bwh Koffer - Faltbare Transportbox
The folding VariosafeBox

"Transport cases and boxes from bwh Koffer - logistics, reliable and well thought-out!""

The folding VariosafeBox lends itself particularly well to flexible transportation, which can be folded up when needed and whose volume is consequently dramatically reduced. It’s a space saver and, therefore, saves money!

Are you looking to transport your goods palletised safely avoiding theft across the world? That’s not a problem with the lockable and height-adjustable SkyBox. An optional, digital anti-tamper seal and GPS tracking complete the all-round carefree package.

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SkyBox Transportbox von bwh Koffer