Fittings - Variety instead of simplicity

Spezialkoffer mit Schubladen

Clever ideas about fittings – from a customer request to the impressive solution. Numerous, tried and tested and technically perfected design variations have been developed at bwh Koffer over more than 30 years. And there’s even more to come.

Every period has its own fashion and every technical development also requires constructive answers in case construction. This applies to new materials as well as new production techniques. Thus, numerous fitting options have emerged over the course of the developmental work at bwh Koffer which are so diverse that practically no case resembles another. This development takes its course with ever-emerging new solutions for current customer requests.

Präsentationskofer für Instrumente von bwh Koffer

For the exterior design of the cases, the bwh professionals offer, alongside the basic decision regarding material and colouring, even more printing techniques for the surface design of the case shell: Photo printing, digital printing, screen printing and imprinting. Even the desired colour and design can be selected individually. There are optional foam inserts, deep-drawn inserts and the alternative to integrated equipment, in which instruments or equipment provided by the customers is fitted directly into the case.

bwh Alukoffer mit individueller Ausstattung

Castors, trolley systems, document wallets, locking systems and fixtures can be found in the case accessories area and mobile intruder alarm systems, GPS tracking and digital anti-tamper seals form part of the custom-made range at the bwh Koffer factory for special fittings.

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