Aluminium Cases: Exklusiv

Aluminium frame case Exclusive

Aluminium-Rahmenkoffer Exklusiv von bwh Koffer (Artikel-Nr. 93800)

The aluminium frame case Exclusive is high-quality, multi-functional and elegant as a “good industrial design”. Using high-quality materials and meticulous processing of the anodised sections creates a harmonious and appealing design. The aluminium frame case Exclusive is extremely stable despite its low weight and gives you great wearing comfort thanks to the ergonomically moulded handle with inner padding. Different types in various sizes are available. You can choose the variable interior from the extensive portfolio at the bwh Koffer factory and select that which suits your needs.

Aluminium-Rahmenkoffer Exklusiv von bwh Koffer

All of the Exklusiv cases provide you with the following advantages:

  • Available in variable sizes with definable breadths, lengths and heights
  • Surface design according to individual specifications
  • Interior design suited to you preferences
  • High-quality lock-hinge system
  • Great wearing comfort thanks to ergonomically moulded handles and/or trolley system
  • Case body made of hard-wearing material with variable aluminium sections and corners
  • Individual surface design with various material such as aluminium sheets, plastic sheets, leather, photo printing, screen printing and many more

In addition to the true-to-size production of the desired size, the Exklusiv case is also available in the following sizes in line with the Standard line from the bwh Koffer factory: