Transport Solutions: CasysBox

CasysBox - robust and reliable

Transportbox Casysbox mit Trolley-System von bwh Koffer (Artikel-Nr. 94605)

“Hard shell, soft centre” – as the shatter-proof and stackable CasysBox is briefly and accurately described:
Manufactured from unbreakable HDPE plastic and in ten standard sizes, the CasysBox is the wild card of the transport boxes. Additional security for the goods to be transported is offered by the custom-made interior design. According to the intended use, the CasysBox can itself be fitted out as a high security box. Resistant to the sun, moisture and chemicals, water and dust-proof as well as being fitted with the fool-proof “pylocx” locking system. Maximum protection for valuable cargo.

Unbreakable and long-lasting – presenting the CasysBoxes from bwh Koffer in accordance to the US American technical military standard MIL-STD-810G, which specifies environmental testing conditions for military equipment. Therefore, the compatibility of the CasysBoxes was officially tested with extreme temperatures and air pressures, solar radiation, moisture, chemicals, accelerative forces and vibrations and documented.
Certification in accordance with ATA Spec 300 Cat. 1 by the well-respected Cascade TEK testing laboratory based in the USA assures you that the transport boxes are airworthy. The durability of the CasysBox was approved in extensive drop and endurance tests.
Of course, you can also get the shatter-proof and stackable CasysBoxes, if desired, in a water and dust-proof model in accordance with the protection categories IP 54 and IP 67 of the Rhineland Technical Inspection Authority. In this way, your goods to be transported won’t even be affected by extreme weather conditions and external influences.

Well thought-out security concept

If required, the CasysBox can be fitted with the innovative “pylocx” locking system from bwh’s partner “Lock Your World”. “pylocx” is an electronic locking system with the best possible security. The box can be opened using just the “pykey”, a mobile keypad and with a PIN code. The data transfer to the lock is tamper-proof.

Here are the advantages of the bwh CasysBox at a glance:

  • Temperature resistant from -40°C to +80°C
  • Variable bumper guards in your desired colour
  • Made from high-impact proof HDPE plastic
  • Available from the warehouse in 10 standard sizes
  • Customer-specific customisation possible for quantities from 100 units
Transportbox Casysbox von bwh Koffer (Artikel-Nr. 94100)

In addition to dimensionally-accurate production of the desired size, the CasysBox is available in the following sizes as part of the Standard line from the bwh Koffer factory: