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Cool transport with the CoolCase

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The transport of temperature-sensitive goods is difficult, especially if, for example, no electricity is available and cooling must be ensured permanently. Of course, transport should also be possible and convenient for a single person. All this is now possible with the CoolCase from bwh Koffer:

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We build your individual CoolCase exactly according to your requirements!

How to benefit from your CoolCase

  • Temperature stable between +2 and +8 °C (for up to 48h)
  • Passive cooling requires no electricity
  • Protective, hygienically cleanable inner container for goods to be transported
  • As reusable transport packaging, the CoolCase is environmentally friendly
  • Depending on insulation / cooling elements cooling time of 30h or 48h
  • Pre-tempering at -18°C in a commercial freezer

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Versatile use for your CoolCase

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The application possibilities for the CoolCase are as varied as they are demanding. The bwh CoolCase can be used in medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology or also in the food industry. Possible areas of application include:

  • Transport of e.g. luxury food, samples to laboratories, vaccines/medicines, test material for clinical studies
  • Presentation of food to the customer
  • Tempering of protein-containing immunomodulating drugs in long-term therapy
  • Storage of diagnostic applications, e.g. quick test strips
  • Cooling medicines e.g. on holiday or business trips

Your individualization options

  • Dimension accurate to the millimetre according to your wishes
  • Ergonomic fittings
  • bwh whisper rolls
  • bwh telescope handle
  • Exterior design by printing, screen printing, etc.

How your CoolCase works

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The CoolCase consists of a RobustCase (standard in 4 sizes), foam insulation type LD29, reusable cooling elements and a plastic transport container (with 5.5 l or 19 l usable volume). The cooling elements have an insulating layer on one side which prevents subcooling and ensures a constant temperature output. The cooling elements are food-compatible and can be reused indefinitely.
The specified cooling duration of 30 or 48 hours of the four standard sizes was determined by the bwh case experts for the bwh test environment under specified conditions. The temperature stability depends on many physical factors and must be tested individually for each transported good.

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