Transport Solutions: VariosafeBox

bwh VariosafeBox – collapsible and space saving

The collapsible VariosafeBox is a space miracle! The transport box with the tried and tested bwh quality stands out from the crowd thanks to its high level of stability and torsional rigidity. Every desired size can be made without additional tool costs – even in excess of the pallet measurements.

Variosafebox von bwh Koffer - Transportbox geschlossen

Do you regularly transport your goods one-way? Then the VariosafeBox is the perfect option for saving space and, as a result, really saving money. The main attraction: when empty, the VariosafeBox can be easily collapsed and can be stored away, saving space, and transported back.

Due to the removal front and side walls, it’s possible to load from any angle without any problems. A safety lock ensures that your products are perfectly protected from external influences.

Simply get in touch with the bwh experts and help you choose the perfect size.

bwh VariosafeBox geöffnet
bwh VariosafeBox zum klappen
Variosafebox von bwh Koffer - Transportbox zusammengeklappt
bwh VariosafeBox Schloss mit Drahtseil
bwh VariosafeBox stapelbar