When it comes to trade, one thing counts: The cases and transport boxes used need to be able to withstand daily use. They need to offer protection for tools and delicate equipment.

Handwerkskoffer von bwh Koffer

Tool and transport boxes from bwh Koffer, which have been designed for trade use, win over all of us with their stability and robustness. Depending on the intended use, they are protected from climatic conditions and theft, customised to the size of the goods to be transported and can even effortlessly hold pallets just like the SkyBox.

Should temperature resistance also be an important requirement for the transportbox, the CasysBox made from high-impact HDPE plastic material, on top of everything else, can still boast a particularly low weight. The Variosafe transport box features a special collapsible mechanism so that the space for the box when empty can be reduced to a minimum.

Kofferlösungen für das Handwerk von bwh Koffer

"The bwh case solutions impress with their longevity and reliability"

Even during field work, bwh case solutions impress and astound with their longevity and reliability. In this way, work is still fun even in the most severe conditions!

Individual request

Casysbox mit individueller Innenausstattung von bwh Koffer